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Teaching an old dog… January 13, 2009

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One of the largest changes I have seen in myself, since taking two undergraduate technology courses, is my willingness to try new things.  This week showcases two examples of this nicely.

  • Firstly this Blog.  I am familiar with blogging on many levels and have done a fair amount of blogging for various reasons (courses, general reflections, and school).  In this first assignment for this course we were asked to create a Blog that would be a running account of our experiences with technology.  I could have simply gone back to my standard (Blogger) account and recycle a previous Blog; however I chose to explore a new site (WordPress).  This simply act of trying something new is a large step for me as I tend to be a creature of habit.  However, where is the learning in that?  Just recycling thoughts is not new, it’s a way to remain stagnant.  This simple act exposes me to new challenges that will lead to growth.
  • The second event this week was trying out Windows Movie Maker.  Next week’s assignment is to create a movie about myself and post it online.  I have never ever opened this program before in my many years of using computers.  So I sat down Saturday morning, as Kevin and Sean were watching Power Rangers, and started tinkering around with it.  I can’t believe how much fun I had.  I explored inserting text, music, titles, etc.  It did not always work but it challenged me to problem solve why didn’t it.  Before I would have just given up and forgotten about it.  The video was cheesy but after showing it to my boys and playing around with the sound, making my voice slow and then fast (great for chipmunk voices), the boys were laughing hard.  This just encouraged me to play more.  I added in them singing after the credits.  What started off as a cheesy “this is a test” movie ended with a minute long song number from the boys that we have watched every day since.  Will this impact me as a teacher?  Yes.  I can see having fun with this relating to students on another level as ideas begin swimming around in my head.  I think more importantly I can have some fun with my boys and show them that not only can daddy learn, but maybe teach them some things too.