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Video “I teach, therefore you learn…or do you?” March 1, 2009

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I came across this cool video by Jose Picardo entitled “I teach, therefore you learn…or do you?” I think it really captures the dilemma of education. The first is that education is stagnant when it comes to how today’s students communicate. I think he is correct that even though times have changed the same basics still exist (socialization, friendship, entertainment, etc.) but in a new form. In writing my Masters paper today I realized that I teach how I was taught and that there is where the disconnect is between us. With technology becoming much more prevalent, I have forced myself [I think successfully] to learn new technologies to communicate with my students. I get teased from more mature teachers over my texting and computer use. The students at first teased me but have since begun to make use of my new technological literacy. I have begun to listen to my students, not simply hear them but listen. The second issue that is the problem is the comfort of not changing. Many times I find myself getting trapped by the comfort of doing things the same way as it is easier. This may be best for me, but not for the students. In one hand I do not get left behind, on the other hand I may. Take a look at this video, it is well worthwhile.


Reflecting back… January 20, 2009

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Last week as I watched the “history of technology” I had to admit at first I was a little sceptical about the value of the lesson.  I appreciated it on my level as a history teacher, understanding and believing that to appreciate where one is know we have to understand past events and where they have led us.  This scepticism was quickly erased by the entertainment that quickly ensued within the lesson.  I think the lesson itself was entertaining and I could enjoy it on that level, but the nagging persisted as to why I needed to know this.  I think like two great magicians the lesson came to a climax with the last PowerPoint slide and the last line for me.  WOW!  Whatever technology we use, whether it seem archaic (like some may think) or not, if we take the time to plan it well, execute it to the best of our abilities it can be just as worthwhile as some of the newer technologies.  Technology may seem to go out of date but those are the perspectives of some people, not all.  Some of the technologies that were shown could have some great value still.  Talk about slight of hand.  I never saw that coming.  That last point, more than anything else up to then, really challenged some of my preconceived perspectives.