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In the beginning… January 10, 2009

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So our first task within this blog is to describe where we are in our comfort level in technology use.  I was asked a very similar question back in 2004 when I enrolled in ECMP 355.  Then, I labelled myself as a novice with very little knowledge of computers and applications that I could use within my professional career.  Through ECMP 355 & [later] 455 I felt much more comfortable with using technology myself.  Both courses were instrumental in eliminating my [self-imposed] phobia regarding technology.

So it is 5 years later.  Where am I?  I would classify myself as an intermediate user of technology both personally and within the classroom.  However this might be a little bit of a misnomer.  I have great aspirations of incorporating more technology use within my classroom.  I see technology as a way to link myself to students who have readily adopted this form of communication.  Since my previous courses I have been much more comfortable in using technology to express myself, through assignments and communication with students/parents (such as a historical newspaper assignment, PowerPoints, & Blogs).  I have bridged distances between students and myself and feel much more comfortable in assisting students on computers or within the various types of software in which they might be playing/working.

Why do I say that this is a misnomer?  I have these visions of what I would like to see myself accomplish through technology.  Instead of simply just thinking here is what I would like to do, I have made steps toward researching if they can be done.  I would like to embed notes within my [communicative] blog to students/parents who might wish to catch up should they miss class, or to encourage parents to become an active participant in their child’s learning.  I would like to take clips from historical programming and merge them with notes/questions within a PowerPoint format (or something very similar) to bring history alive [this is a study from a previous Masters course that students wished to see happen].  What is holding these dreams back?  Time.  As a full-time teacher, part-time Masters student, plus SRC advisor [planning the 2010 SLC Conference] & drama director, my time is limited.

So in practical terms I am in an intermediate stage of technology use, however my dreams are for much more.  This reminds me of a quote I have always been very fond of.

  • “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp; else what’s a heaven for?”  (Robert Browning)