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Tech Thursday? Tech Week!! March 22, 2009

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This week has been a busy week in technology. Beginning with a PLC on Wednesday the floodgates opened and technology ran rampant for the remainder of the week. All good! Let me explain.

Within our social science PLC group at Carpenter we have been struggling with finding common ground between us all to try and come up as a group an issue to tackle. Trevor can confirm this with a similar problem last year. As we sat around chatting about everything else but a PLC topic, someone mentioned technology (as we were in a room with a SmartBoard). That innocent little comment turned into the best PLC day ever for the five of us, and the quickest PLC day ever (even staying after the bell). Our Native Studies teacher showed us his Wiki he created for his Native Studies courses. I then showed my classroom update blog. The other members of the PLC group were hooked and the rest of the afternoon was spent signing people up to Google, creating Blogs, exploring Google Docs, Wikis, etc. We have the creation of two new blogs and promises of coming back to expand upon these ideas next week, like uploading documents (via Scribd).

Thursday Jim showed me some new social websites that I have begun exploring. Jim showed me a website that ranks the most popular social sites. This site has introduced me to some new tools that may help me find links to new materials, interests, and resources. StumbleUpon is a site that you let know what your interests are and have it show you more websites and web pages that you’ll like. Docstoc (dot-doc-stock) compiles a wealth of legal, educational, technical and business documents for you to download for free. You can upload your own files in a number of formats. Mango brings total immersion language learning to the Internet, exposing students to conversations with native speakers. These are but three social sites upon this website. It is really amazing to flip through and covers topics that any person can connect to. Web 2.0 is alive and well on SEomoz’s Web 2.0 Awards. Check this site out…if you don’t you will regret it!

Lastly was Friday where I spent an entire Law 30 class sharing Google Docs to my students for their law newspaper project. As they work in teams they often find it hard to share writing when one forgets a thumbdrive, email being blocked by filters, etc. The students were enthralled with the ease of Google Docs and sharing as collaborators. I have a feeling that this year will be much easier in sharing legal ideas. The students played around for an entire period on Google Docs! Who would have thought a word processing site would entertain teens for an entire period.

The best part of this week, is a reawakening of my tech interests and ability to share. For once I felt like I was teaching people about technology and its uses, not the other way around.