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Celebrities and tech… March 16, 2009

Posted by handspiker in Uncategorized.

I just finished reading Kim’s post on Oprah Connects and found it interesting how celebrities seem to flock to the connected world to market themselves and their ideas, causes, shows, music, etc.

Just after reading this I was surfing CBC and came across a link to celebrities who are tech-phobic. In reading some of them like, Paul McCartney and Larry King I was surprised with some of their answers, though I understand Paul’s response to him using an ATM…I just cannot imagine running into Paul McCartney at an ATM.

Here is the article about Celebs Who Do Without [Tech] and here it is in a slideshow format.



1. Leanne - March 18, 2009

I often wonder how many ‘real’ celebs are connected!!! Just think of years ago when everyone was starting Brittany Spears blogs (among others) and the stars didn’t even know what was being written or said about them. Are the stars themselves connected – or are their slackies doing it for them?

2. megan gerwing - March 29, 2009

Thanks for the celebrity gossip Todd, and in slide show format no less. I think it is rather strange to live in this techno age and not even own a cellphone or use email, but I guess if you are fabulously wealthy you can be as strange as you want.

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