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Podcast… March 8, 2009

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So with many of you exploring audio options I thought I would give this a try as well. I made the podcast as easy as can be…well in five steps following Jim’s instructions on his blog.

Well unfortunately it is way easy on Blogger, but with WordPress I could not figure it out. I went online and found many ways to do it, but they were not clear and involved me downloading more programs to then insert code in WordPress for a player through extraction from WinZip and WinSCP and then much more. HUH? I was easily lost.

Instead I am just going to insert it in a old blog to try it out…an old Blogger account.



1. Jim - March 8, 2009

Hey Checked out your blogger podcast. Sounded great. The audio was really clear.

I found the process frustrating too. Sign up here, Sign up there, do this, do that, read this podcasting blog, watch that podcasting video, but once the infrastructure was in place it became really easy. You record and publish.

Think of the cool podcasting we could do with our classes. Pretty cool for parents to hear their students online.

2. stephen king - March 8, 2009

Well done Todd. You can invest quite a bit of time to get things to work but when they do, you feel pretty good about your knew learning. Congratulations on your latest success!

3. courosa - March 9, 2009

I am sure there are other easier ways in WordPress, but it does show that it’s more important to get the job done than to stick to a specific tool. Now, for classroom use, we all know that Blogger may bit easier in this regard.

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