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Battle of technologies… March 6, 2009

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I saw this video a couple of months ago and thought it might be appropriate to bring up in class regarding technology. It really is interesting to see how communication has changed roughly over 170 years. Is new technology better? Watch this and see.



1. stephen king - March 6, 2009

How many people in the audience could read understand the morse code? You have to learn another language essentially to communicate with morse code. If you can read a text can be understood although you need to learn the abbreviations lol!

Thanks for sharing that though; it is an amazing demonstration!

2. Todd - March 6, 2009

For sure Stephen there are some limitations. Like you say above about abbreviations, one could even say with text messaging a new language is developing. As a somewhat beginner “texter” I find it interesting how symbols and shorthand are devloping in this form of communication. The 🙂 LOL b4 etc, is a new language that many people may not understand. I know at conferences I find texting useful to keep track of students and sometimes their messages are hard to decipher. I seem to recall on the news last year that some schools were banning cell phones in Europe due to this “language” creeping into the school system and students’ writing.

3. Miles Johnson - March 11, 2009

Hi Todd, Jim sent me this and I had to laugh.

4. Leanne - March 11, 2009

Awesome video – does this mean the abacus will also be back and the calculator render obsolete???

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