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Open source… February 19, 2009

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I came across three articles on Open Source software on the CBC website today while I was surfing the news site.

The first one entitled “An open door for open source?” is about the Canadian government possibly giving open source developers an opening, previously held exclusively by software paid for in licenses, in being awarded contracts to install and service open source software within the government offices. Certainly the article points out the savings for costs to the government and taxpayer, especially in these tough times, but I am vague at what the article points out as other benefits. I myself like competition as I have a hard time following along with companies that hold a strangle hold on the market. I prefer [love really] Firefox over Explorer for its better speed and protection online. Within our school division we cannot install it [a superior browser] because it would infringe upon our license with Microsoft. Augh!!!

The second article is “Microsoft claims open-source software violates its patents.” I find it unbelievable the number of patents that Microsoft claims has been breached by other tech companies. Though Microsoft is reluctant to sue, I find it interesting on how it pressures others to settle in a way that Microsoft benefits from as outlined in this [third] article “Microsoft puts number on open-source patent breaches.” I am at a crossroads in what I feel is fair here. As above I am favoring competition but I also respect the rights to patents. What to do?



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