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Wow… February 14, 2009

Posted by handspiker in Uncategorized.

I was surfing tonight and came across what I can only imagine would be an awesome addition to hands on learning, as well as being an interesting way for people to interact with media. These Siftables, a small cube like computer, can act and interact together in unique ways to create music, teach math, reading, for all ages. This truly opens up the door to people who find themselves kinesthetic learning. Though initially seen as blocks by younger children I think as the child ages the level of appreciation would increase. Please check this out it is simply amazing.



1. stephen king - February 14, 2009

Absolutely incredible. Are these commercially available?

2. Jim - February 14, 2009

Very cool. TED.com is just a fascinating site. It should be in everyone’s bookmark.

3. Kim - February 17, 2009

I found it interesting that he referred to these siftables as an “ecosystem of tools”. I don’t think I ever thought of computers as an ecosystem before – you may want to send this to Paul! The portraits reminded me of the portraits on the walls of Hogwarts in Harry Potter which moved and interacted with each other! I loved the Boggle game but I’m not sold on the mathematical manipulation which was demonstrated as a learning tool. I wonder what John would think of the music component? Very interesting – thanks for posting it Todd. At first I was expecting the new version of a Smart Board.

4. Leanne - February 24, 2009

Amazing – blows my boggle and scrabble away! Just when you think everything possible has been invented – something else comes along!

It does make me wonder though – how would these kids ever survive if they didn’t have technology to amuse them? Would they even know what to do with a simple frisbee? As odd as it sounds, I reflect on my current students who are lost without their spellcheck and texting capabilities. Are they missing out on something?

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