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Old school connectivism, shortcuts & having fun… February 14, 2009

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I am amazed in our day and age the number of shortcuts that technology increases for us. Over the past weeks many of us have been talking about sharing and the idea of connectivism. This week that has happened as I have already blogged about, but sometimes the age old connectivism in person can pay off in dividends as well. As I was sharing my newfound knowledge about Google Docs with Jim (a fellow Masters student) he showed me a cool option on Google.

iGoogle is an option that allows you to create your own Google page with themes (the Earth theme follows the rotation of the earth…cool!) and widgets (not sure if that is the appropriate term) that match what you want/need. There are many options that go from useful to sublime, entertainment to educational, etc. This iGoogle has allowed me to create a page that saves me a little time in switching from one application to another from the same page. On one page I have CBC News (useful in helping me find articles for discussions in Psych & Law), Google Docs (for my interactive forms), Blogger (for my classroom updates), Google Reader (to subscribe to my fellow classmates’ blogs and others), Gmail, and WordPress (for my Masters blog). This one stop shop allows me to do everything from one page. Below is a screenshot of what my iGoogle looks like.

iGoogle screenshot

There are many other options to look at. You can add tabs and when I explored this I named the tab educational and a bunch of educational resources came up. Try it out. If anything it might save you some time and its just fun exploring anyway.



1. stephen king - February 14, 2009

I have explored igoogle but haven’t set anything up yet. I’ve been using my Google account to navigate. Are you familiar with that page? I wonder if there are advantages from one to the other. I think you’ve made a valuable point about sharing with colleagues in face to face situations; I have been sharing what I am learning and I am noticing a couple staff members starting to try things. If nothing else, the joy of discovery; the knowing how something works is still a lot of fun.

Congratulations on your latest discovery!

2. Sarah Hill - February 14, 2009

iGoogle – your personalized Google page. I have mine set as my homepage – everything I want to see on the net at one glace, very handy!

3. JMac - February 18, 2009

Todd, I tried that iGoogle page…didn’t like it…waaaaay to busy for me. Thanks for the insight though.JMac

4. Paul Kolenick - February 20, 2009

Hi Todd, great tip. Looks like something I’d like to explore. All the best to you, looking forward to reading more. … Paul

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