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A tech moment… February 10, 2009

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With the amount of sports teams that CHS sends out on a weekly basis it is no wonder that many students miss during the end of the week. Yesterday (Monday) I had about 6 students from my History 30 class miss last Thursday’s topic of First Nation culture from across Canada. This was done through a video clip from Canada: A People’s History. This clip is excellent showing the various differences in society, organization and cultural beliefs of groups from across Canada.

I own all of my own videos that I show as I find that the library is not always proficient in keeping track of them (though I understand it is not always their fault as people always tend to help themselves without signing the resources out). Normally what I would do is try to arrange a time that is conducive for all those students [that missed] to get together to watch said clip, using my film or the library’s copy. Unfortunately the library has “lost” their copy and the students could not arrange a time and some wanted to borrow mine. Now I understand I should be sharing, but some students lack the ability to take care of stuff that is not theirs. What do I do? I have not explored the option of trying to “rip” clips off of Dvds and make my own compilation. Could be useful on a burnt disk that I could just recreate at will and not worry about losing the original. Makes me wonder though about copyrights?

My solution? During the work period I had a brainstorm and wondered “Why not check YouTube?” They seem to have everything else on it…so why not this video clip? Lo and behold after a few minutes surfing I found it. I simply embedded it into my Classroom Update Blog and there it was (February 5th), with the assignment sheet embedded right next to it. Talk about one stop shopping. The students can view it at their leisure either at home or in one of the computer labs. Solution found. Will I be as lucky next time?



1. Kim - February 11, 2009

I’ve been exploring Smart Boards and many teachers are finding that they can record their lessons for students who are absent. These students would not be able to access the lessons from home and time would still need to be found at school but at least the absent students could be kept in the loop.

2. stephen king - February 11, 2009

A wonderful way to give students an effective way to keep up when they are away. I’m not sure though Todd about the copyright thing; just because you didn’t copy it and post it, it still is a copyright violation I think. I do not criticize you for your decision; I would do the same. I just wonder where it would leave a teacher legally if the copyright holder sued?

I don’t think that resources used for education should be bound by copyright laws, but then I do have a bias!

3. Kim - March 1, 2009

Because of this post, I was able to show my students a video at school from YouTube that I didn’t have in my hands. On Friday I was thinking of showing a video that our school library doesn’t have but the public library owns. I couldn’t get to the library to pick it up so I checked YouTube and WOW! it was there! Thanks for guiding me in a new direction.

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