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Another step forward… February 9, 2009

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One of the ideas I have had [for my final project] is building and maintaining a blog for daily updates of the goings upon within the classroom. I attempted this a few years ago, but with constant tech issues from the school I quickly became frustrated and let it fade away. However, I think this is the time more than ever to try and recapture this idea. Over the past few months I have talked with many parents and a few of them hinted at how they feel a disconnect from the school. My original idea was simply a blog for students (to keep track of what and when we were doing things (exams, assignments, etc.). Why couldn’t I have parents do the same? Would this not assist in possibly increasing parental involvement within their child’s education?

Over the past week I have been diligent in keeping the blog up to date. On the course outlines that were sent home to be signed by the parents I made an obvious note for parents to read regarding the blog. As well with the next set of class marks updates to be sent home I will include a note regarding the blog again. Is this enough? I know some parents will, but some won’t. Whether it is to a digital divide or simply parents not active in their child’s life (educational or otherwise) I think it is a positive step forward.

Another idea I had last week was to simply not just list what we were doing within the classroom, but make it a resource site as well. I have just discovered through Scribd a way to embed notes/assignments within the blog. I have done this for two reasons. Firstly is to make sure that students can access their assignments [virtually] at any time (whether it be at home or school). This will hopefully cut down on the “I forgot it…” excuse many of us hear. Secondly I hope that this cuts down to any undue waste of paper. I often have to run off more than I need or want as students lose or misplace notes/readings/assignments. Now I simply run off enough for the class and if they lose it they simply have to go to the blog and download it themselves. Hence shifting more responsibilities to them.

Hopefully this pans out. I am enjoying learning what I can do with my blog and make it more user friendly and more interactive.



1. Kim - February 10, 2009

This is an excellent idea – another possible means of communication with parents. Our school web site has a section on homework assignments for the older students. Some of the teachers assign students to maintain the homework assignments (these students are carefully chosen though!!!).

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