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Sharing… February 4, 2009

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Last night’s presentation by Dean Shareski was an excellent one about the values of collaboration of ideas, thoughts, work, values and perhaps morals. I have been fortunate upon my arrival here in Meadow Lake to be able to learn from some of the best teachers I have had the pleasure to meet. What makes these teachers the best I have ever worked with? Collaboration! Unlike my previous teaching experience teachers within Carpenter High are very open to working together, sharing ideas, resources, labs, computers, time, etc. This sharing permeates the atmosphere of CHS causing a very strong will to help students succeed.

Upon my arrival here back in 2001 a senior social science teacher took me under his wing to share his “isms”, experiences, and most importantly resources. As a beginning teacher with a new curriculum and the spectre of departmentals hanging over me, his help was greatly appreciated. This sharing allowed me to survive what would have been a tough year. Since then I have vowed to “pay it forward” and become as open to sharing anything I can without hesitation. Just this past week a superintendant contacted me via email about the resources I used in Psych 30. I guess his daughter (whom I have taught) is engaged to a young man who just was hired to teach this course for the first time. Without thinking I simply copied everything (notes, tests, movies, etc.) to assist him in making the most of his first year. Whether it be at Carpenter, or elsewhere, [modeling] sharing only helps improve one another [in educating] and ultimately, we hope, benefits the students.



1. stephen king - February 5, 2009

That is awesome Todd that you are willing to share so freely. Do you teach Psych 20. I have a teacher on staff who is teaching it for the first time; I wouldn’t mind putting her in touch with you!

2. Leanne - February 10, 2009

Indeed, the entire concept of ‘sharing’ has changed through the years. I remember starting out when everyone wanted to ‘guard’ their lesson plans and everything was under lock and key – I am so grateful for this change in attitude – as I recently started two new positions and don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for the help and guidance of others. Keep sharing – it will come back to you in the end!

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