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My Intro Video… February 1, 2009

Posted by handspiker in Uncategorized.

Well here is my first foray into using a brand new technology. Using Windows Movie Maker was an interesting experience that I with the help of my 5 year old and 2.5 year old was made fun. Instead of using the help features or looking online for tutorials I prefer to simply explore and try things randomly. I find for myself this tends to work better and I learn quicker. Often times stumbling upon things accidentally and saying, “How the heck did I do that?” This trial and error way of learning suits me…or maybe it is just because I am a guy and hence do not take/read directions well 😉



1. Kim - February 1, 2009

Todd – I love your video! Awesome! I look forward to following your blog…

2. Alec Couros - February 1, 2009

(slow clap)
Thanks so much for putting this together, a job well done, great to hear this side of you, and I’m quite impressed that you were able to dive into the heart of video editing and online video sharing.

Congrats Todd, job well done!

3. Carey Pohanka - February 1, 2009

Great video, Todd. I remember seeing Star Wars when I was 5. My dad took me and I was so scared that I wanted to leave it early. I guess I am a wuss.

Good luck with your techno advances…you have inspired me to try out windows movie maker, too.


4. Franki - February 1, 2009

Great video–thanks for sharing:-)

5. Sheri - February 1, 2009

RE=QL: Random Exploring = Quick Learning. REQL

I think you are like your students — you “just do it.” Isn’t that part of why kids are so bored in the regular classroom now? They want the control to lead themselves to the end, in their way.

Nice work.

6. mrsdurff - February 1, 2009

I prefer to learn that way too and I’m not a guy. I prefer StarTrek. Congrats on your first video. May there be many more!! Have you seen this version? Star Wars XXIV

7. Sarah Hill - February 2, 2009

Mr H! Great video 🙂 Isn’t Movie Maker so much fun? iMovie is great too but since I have a PC I am most familiar with the Windows version. Nothing beats making a movie for an assignment! Definitely my favorite way to display what I am trying or what I have learned.

-Let the force be with you!-

8. Randy Thornton - February 2, 2009

Nice video – good to see you are having great time with that Professor guy 😉 (who I follow on Twitter) – I am sure learning a lot about SK geography – had to Google map Meadow Lake.

One question – Star Wars I understand, as I am a big scifi fan, esp. of classic scifi film, but how does that explain the obsession with the storm troopers ?

handspiker - February 2, 2009

Basically the cool outfits. I can still remember them coming out of the blast door to secure the Rebel ship. As a child that left such an impression on me and still does. Every Sunday night my five year old and I watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars togther and like his old man he to loves the “troopers.”

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