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A problem solved… January 25, 2009

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In my Law 30 class one of the main problems that has always dogged my major assignment (the Law Newspaper Project) within the class is the group work.  Specifically it has been in the writing component where two or more students are working together to get the assignment done.  Often times group members have a hard time transferring word documents to one another due to various reasons, blocked email accounts, lack of jump drives or something else similar, and in my copying and pasting from my account long and tedious.  As Alec showed us Google Docs I thought that maybe this might be the solution.  The idea of having students have the ability to work closer together and have the ability to share their thoughts and work together I hope reflects in a better product (please please please) and a better form of group management.  I can hardly wait for the next term and trying this suggestion of Google Docs to see if this might be a way that technology solves this problem.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.



1. stephen king - January 26, 2009

Todd, I have dabbled with Google Docs with Edcentre.ca (an online school out of La Ronge) and it does work. I am able to see progress reports on students in my school and I am able to make comments to the teachers on things I know about the students. If you can get the students to buy in, and I think they will like it, then I agree you have an answer to your group project. I hope you follow it up with a future blog because I am curious about how it will work.

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