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Connectivism… January 24, 2009

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This past week was an interesting lesson in their ideas of connectivism.  I find in amazing since my foray into computers way back in 1995 (with the first computer in Sydney with Windows 95) and the Internet how far we have come.  I find it interesting how much new social network sites change how people network.  Back in 1995 these were hardly mentioned let alone thought of yet.  Now with network sites like Facebook its amazing how connectivism works.  Since joining Facebook about a year and a half ago I have reconnected with people I have not seen since 1985 or earlier.  As an Air Force brat this has been a blessing in connecting with those people from my childhood that I have a lost over time.

With Facebook comes a negative as well as I am swamped with requests from students left, right and centre.  This opens up concerns of professionalism.  However I see at times how something like Facebook, blogs, etc., could be used as a potential tool in order to connect to students on their level.  Perhaps in sharing their “world” with them I can connect in new and exciting ways that will take me further in communicating with them to succeed with learning.

Hopefully within this class I can find that balance in using technology to connect and communicate with students and their parents.  I have since started a blog that will update students/parents on the daily activities that occur in the classroom.  However I feel I could do more to harness this power to an even great extent.  I feel like the apes from the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Looking at the monolith wondering what it is and how it works.  Hopefully once I begin to understand Hal won’t toss me out the airlock.



1. stephen king - January 24, 2009

Todd, I also share your concern about facebook and sharing with students. I believe that I have to maintain the same standards as a role model with what I publish on facebook as I would in my day to day business in the community. I love facebook for the old friends I have found, but I’m not using it to be in contact with the students of the present. I do however happily include those who have graduated as it is always nice to know how they are doing.

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